Diaper Bag Survival Kit

As parents we know how easy it is to run out of the house and forget to put something essential in your diaper bag. We have found the perfect gift for new moms and dads that will prevent that frustration. Introducing the Baby Be Ready Diaper Bag Survival Kit from Baby Dish.

This chic diaper bag comes stocked with all the 1st year baby necessities inside. This all-in-one Diaper Bag Survival Kit comes with all of the back-up products mom, dad and baby may need-making sure they will always be ready on the go. The BabyBeReady bag is pre-packed with a onesie, bib, burp cloth, diapers, changing pad, rattle, sun hat, bottle, pacifier and case, and travel wipes and case. Seen on Access Hollywood, The View, and in US Weekly. The wipeable bag is available in a selection of hip fabrics and colors.

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Tips for Choosing a Baby Crib

A crib is often the focal point of a nursery. Today there are many styles and colors to choose from, making it easy to create a nursery that blends well with the entire home. Many have matching changing tables and dressers. When looking for a crib, make sure it has passed the federal safety standards of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. If you borrow or purchase a second-hand crib, make sure that it meets the current safety standards. Many older cribs may pose a safety risk to your baby.

A convertible crib is a good investment. Some convertible cribs become toddler beds and then transform into a full-size bed, others become a day bed. Some have pieces which, when removed, can serve as a headboard for a full-size bed. When you purchase a convertible crib (or a crib with a conversion kit) you will not need another bed for your child for possibly several years.

Several new cribs, such as the modern Oeuf crib, have a lower profile than typical cribs, and fixed sided rails. They make access to your baby easier without the hazards of hardware failure. Look for a crib with several adjustable mattress heights. For a great selection of modern and stylish cribs checkout our crib department.

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Celebrity Baby Loot - Sound Off

With the wave of Hollywood pregnancies and births, celebrity baby gifting has been in overdrive lately. Stores and manufacturers throw gifts at these high-profile babies left and right, in hopes of a big advertising payoff. We are curious. How many of you are influenced to buy a particular product if you see that it was gifted to or purchased for a celeb baby? Why? How do you feel about this trend?

Do you have more confidence in a product if you know that Hollywood's elite tots have them? Would you be more inclined to make a purchase from a company that gifts their products to kids charities or babies in need, or to those that give them to celebrity babies? We would love to hear your thoughts!


Toss the Taggie

Throw me! Roll me! Rattle me! It’s all about playtime with our NEW Toss the TAGGIE! Loads of different activities can be explored and shared by kids of all ages with this special tag adorned ball! Super soft and it makes a fun sound too! A fun addition to our selection of Taggie blankets, bedding and toys. Makes a great childs birthday or baby shower gift.
Taggies are a security blanket based on the idea that babies and kids love to rub satin edges, clothing labels and tags. Taggies offer babies and kids a generous assortment of tags which are designed to be both tactile and visually stimulating. Every tag looks or feels different. Taggies have been called an "interactive blanket" because they provide the child with both an exciting activity, and at the same time, it is their cuddly security blanket, which all kids need.
As parents of a son that doesn't go anywhere with out his Big Taggie, we highly recommend these great blankets and toys! They are so soft and cuddly and the ribbons are great for teething babies! Watch how cute your little one is as they fall asleep with a silky tag wrapped around their little finger.

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Modern Crib Quilt Sets

Traditional meets modern at Kool Roomz. We are excited to announce a new line of hip, quilted crib bedding in a selection of fun colors from Denyse Schmidt. This cozy bedding will remind you of the quilts you snuggled up in as a child, but the patterns are not dull or boring like those you may remember. These hand-stitched crib bedding pieces feature contemporary geometric styles and bold color combinations.

The tailored and thin bumpers are great for parents that are concerned with the safety of many crib bumpers that are too stuffed or fluffy. This bedding is a great addition to any modern nursery. Kool Roomz is currently offering free shipping on all crib bedding sets.

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Welcome to Kool Kidz

Welcome to Kool Kidz, the new Kool Roomz blog for hip babies, kids and parents. Find out about new arrivals, product reviews, design tips, store specials and lots more! We would love to hear from you. Let us know if there is anything you would like to see in our store or on our new blog.