Walking With Kids Just Got Easier

Ever tried to go shopping, on a walk, or to an amusement park with two little ones in tow? Can we say HEADACHE!? You push the baby in the stroller while tring to keep track of your toddler, who inststs on running away from you every two minutes. If you aren't brave enough to let your older child run loose, you are pushing him in the ever awkward double stroller (which he is probably getting too big for), or he is standing on a stroller buggy board ( but not for long because his legs get too tired).

Any parent who has had the pleasure of this fun (not) task, is sure to love this cool new product. Introducing the Swiss Strolli. By simply hitching it to the side of almost any stroller, the Strolli allows your toddler to ride next to you on a comfortable bike-like trailer seat. It has already taken Europe by storm and is sure to become the next big thing in child transportation. The Strolli can quickly attach to almost any stroller with a round, square, or oval frame. It also comes with large, durable wheels for quick maneuvers and its minimal width will not get in the way of pushing your stroller. The padded seat, foot rests, and handlebars are adjustable and easily accommodate a growing child. Kids love it because they feel like they are riding on a bike (without having to do their own pedalling). We love the Strolli so much we are getting one to try with our own little ones. Now maybe we can all cut back on our Tylenol usage. Well, maybe not, with two young kids you are sure to still get an occassional headache or two!

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