Just Arrived - New Bedding

Stop by and check out all of the cool new crib bedding designs that have just been added to our store. We are working on getting all of the links for the new sets up and running. Drop us a line if you would like photos and information on any of the fun new designs. If you have bigger kids, take a look at the new kids bedding sets that have been added also. For the all-natural parent and child, we are thrilled to now carry some darling new organic crib and twin bedding sets. We hope you love the new styles as much as we do!

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Decorating Tip - Walls

Decorative walls make a child's room a special place that reflects their individual personality and interests. A great way to make any plain wall unique is with a wall mural. Wall murals can be expensive if you hire a decorative painter to create them for you. With a little creativity you can create one yourself for less. Aren't an artist? No problem!

There are many stencils and stamps on the market today that you can use to decorate your walls. With the help of an overhead projector, you can paint a more detailed wall design. Get your inspiration from fabrics in your room, magazines, books, kids bedding, etc. When you find a design you like, photocopy it on to a transparency. Place the transparency on the overhead and project the design on to your wall. Trace the design with chalk or pencil and then fill in the lines with your selection of paint colors.

An alternative for creating colorful and fun walls for your child's nursery, playroom or bedroom, is with wall decals and borders. Simply wet them with water and stick to the wall. They are easily removed and leave no residue.

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